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An ePortfolio or electronic-based portfolio is an umbrella term for a structured collection of self or co-created digital artefacts, recognitions, and accreditations where the owner has enough freedom to arrange their presentation according to specific purposes and audiences. ePortfolios are primarily used for showcasing learner work and to support formative or summative assessment processes. ePortfolios have significantly expanded the possibilities over paper-based portfolio allowing for new ways of storing, archiving, thinking, reflecting, storytelling, collaborating and publishing about learning experiences.

3 Functions of ePortfolios

  1. Showcase ePortfolio: is for demonstrating work, skills and competencies acquired over an established period of time. The individual selects relevant works, organize them and shows the ePortfolio to relevant interest groups (e.g. educators, peers or potential employers)
  2. Development/Reflection ePortfolio: supports the individual in his/her Personal Development Plan (PDP), Career Development Plan (CPD) or Lifelong Learning, and sets the direction for future learning/professional purposes by establishing specific goals
  3. Assessment ePortfolio: is for evaluating an individual’s competence or knowledge development as defined by an educational institution. ePortfolios have great potential to improve and/or enhance formative and integrative assessment.

(Source: European Multiple MOOC Aggregator/ EMMA)

CODeL uses Mahara ePortfolio system for the functions listed above, as well as for supporting communities of practice. Mahara ePortfolio is accessible through Moodle.