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How do I submit my assignment on the Moodle Learning Management System?
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SEE ATTACHED GUIDE ON THE RIGHT SHOWING ALL STEPS WITH SCREENSHOTS. Please take note of the points empathized in the guide; displayed in the red box and in bold.

If you cannot see all you modules from last semester; In Courses Overview, click on Courses and then Past. Current modules would be under In progress tab. See number 2 below for more information on modules that may not be listed.
In our efforts to address the issues you experienced on Moodle in the first Semester, we are introduced changes and updates on the assignment submission process in the Second Semester. In summary, these will be the changes:

  1. Assignment 1 of Second Semester modules: You were required to complete an Assignment Readiness Check feedback activity before the assignment submission can be unlocked; it has been disabled for Assignment 2. This was to ensure that your assignment meets all the basic requirements. This implies that you must submit your assignments with sufficient time remaining instead of doing it on the eve of the deadline.

  2. If you find yourself unable to see your Second Semester modules on Moodle, please consult the updated Assignment Submission Guide that includes a section on the changes of the Moodle dashboard and how to find courses that may not be readily visible. However, if you still cannot find your modules on Moodle;
    1. please create a ticket by following this link to our Online Support System;
    2. Choose the Help Topic Second Semester Module Not Listed and fill the form. Ensure to indicate the module codes of the modules you are making inquiries on.
    3. Our Online Support System, also provides helpful articles on Frequently Asked Questions to address other concerns that you may have.

  3. As a general rule, you are only allowed to submit your assignments in the following formats: Microsoft Word and PDF files. This does not mean that other file formats are totally prohibited. It simply means that tutors of such courses MUST inform CODeL for arrangements to allow such files to be made (e.g. Zipped files on Computer Literacy or PowerPoint and video files for Project Based Learning modules)

  4. The plagiarism check system has been enabled and all your submissions will be automatically scanned for plagiarism. Please read the UNAM Policy on Plagiarism and Cheating to familiarise yourself with our compliance rules. Take effort to acknowledge all your sources as per referencing style applicable to your Faculty or Department, and avoid copying and pasting content from the Internet because you SHALL be heavily penalised for this.

  5. On every course on Moodle, the contact information of all Distance Support Coordinators are provided under the Module Information section, to facilitate your inquiries on issues of student support.

We wish you a productive second Semester and hope that you enjoy your learning experience with us. Please continue to provide us with feedback as we will request your feedback on Moodle from time to time regarding our various services to you. This will help us greatly to identify our areas for improvement so that we can address them and meet your high expectations of us.

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