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How do I know whether I submitted my assignment properly?
Last Updated a year ago

In the assignment submission guide in section 5, page 7, it is described how you would know whether the submission was completed and this article would just expand a bit on that. There is another article here on how to see your marks when your assignment is marked.

You would see the Submission states shown as Submitted for grading and the files you have uploaded displayed as seen in the screenshot below.

Please note that this only confirms that the submission is received; it is still your responsibility to make that you selected and uploaded the correct file from your computer and in the correct format. It is not possible for the technology to be able to check this. You must check for the following:

  • That the file is the correct format, that is that it is a Microsoft Word or PDF file (not zip or .exe which is a virus); It may be a different format if required specifically by the lecturer.
  • That it is the correct document for the module for which you are currently submitting; that is not to upload an assignment of another subject or module in another
Do not upload your documents in the Private files area or the Discussion Forum. The Add submission button would not display in the assignment activity if the due date passes and this is not an excuse to somewhere else and later request for files to be moved.

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