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How do I see my mark for my assignment?
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In the assignment submission guide, section 6, page 8; how to check your assignment marks and feedback is described. This article would expand a bit on that.

If the tutor marker for the particular module for which you seek the marks has done online grading; you would receive a notification in your email and be able to check the feedback and comments online immediately when your submission is graded. Some tutor markers may however have opted to download the submissions and marked them offline on paper. If you have submitted for some reason (where exceptions where provided for some subjects by CODeL management) as a printed hard copy, you would not have the advantage of immediate and easy online access to your assignment feedback and comments.

Assuming that your have submitted online properly (see article that explain how to know whether you submitted properly) and the lecturer has graded online; you would follow the same process as when you made the submission up til where you see the Submission status to see grade and feedback.

Please note that the final marks in order to display on you academic transcript would still need to display on the portal, so also do check the portal as assignments not marked online may have the marks entered and display on the portal directly.

If you do not see your marks on Moodle or the Portal and you are worried; you should follow up with your tutor marker, student support officer or distance education officers to find out whether all assignments for the particular module have been marked or the state on your assignment.

Find attached top right to this article a pdf document with the list of Distance Education Officers (DEO) for the various programmes and faculties. You would have also have been provided the contact details for your relevant DEO and student support officer in your assignment letter.

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